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Created 15-Dec-20
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28 Days follows my course of radiation for prostate cancer. A cancer diagnosis quickly directs your attention to issues of mortality and survivability. Fortunately, my diagnosis was determined early in the disease’s progression. Even though I had been assiduously monitoring increasing scores, the reality of an actual diagnosis was unsettling, quickly bringing into focus issues and emotions of longevity, trauma, malignancy, self, love, loss, family, and the future.

Inspired by Mary Farmilant’s series See You On the Other Side which followed her through surgery and radiation therapy for breast cancer, I pondered how to cope with and process my journey through my regiment of radiation therapy.

Lake Michigan has been a focal point in my life. Having grown up near, lived by, sailed on, and photographed Lake Michigan, I am intimately aware of its variability, its moods, its challenges, and its colors. Calm one day, stormy the next, sometimes all in one day, the Lake is a source of life but also takes life. It is beautiful, treacherous, mystical, spacious, and intimate.

Each day of radiation started with a visit to South Beach in Evanston. Here I marked my time, my progress, and my life as I explored what the morning sunrise on the Lake offered. Using a fixed location anchored my route through therapy, giving me strength while reminding me of life’s fragility.

Join me on this quest to confront illness and, hopefully move toward wholeness.